Crystal Pug | Oopstacles F.A.Q.
Company: Crystal Pug. Business: Game Developer. Game: Oopstacles. Location: Brisbane, Australia.
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How is a “Victory” counted for the quest?

A victory is counted as passing a set of obstacles, triggered when your avatar performs a cheer animation.

I accidentally switched to another language, how do I change it back?

From main menu, click on the up-arrow icon in the bottom right, then click on the Options menu button (cog icon). In the Options menu, press the top left grid icon to open the list of languages. The top left language is English.

I purchased permanent items but now they are gone, how can I get them back?

On iOS, use the Restore Purchases button in the Options menu.

On Android, purchases are restored automatically on startup. Ensure that you are logged into the Google Play store, then close and restart the game.

I received a notification that my Free Gift is ready, but I opened the game it wasn’t there. Why not?

Free Gifts are offered in the game over screen. Play a game until knockout and check the game over screen. In addition, you must be online to collect free gifts, so check that your mobile data or WiFi is enabled. If it wasn’t, try closing the game and restarting it.


To force close an app on iOS:

To force close an app on Android:

What exactly does the Piggy Bank do?

When you own the Piggy Bank avatar:

– Any coins picked in the game will be worth twice their normal amount

– Any coins earned from watching ads will be doubled

– Any coins earned from free gifts will be doubled


The Piggy Bank avatar cannot be unlocked from the prize machine. It can only be unlocked by being purchased with real money.

What exactly does the Fairy do?

When you own the Fairy avatar:

– Any shields earned from the prize machine will be doubled


Note that any shield packs purchased from the shop will not be doubled.

The Fairy avatar cannot be unlocked from the prize machine. It can only be unlocked by being purchased with real money.

The game runs too slow, what can I do to make it faster?

Open the Options menu (the cog icon), and click on High Detail to disable high detail graphics. A cross will appear over the icon indicating High Detail mode is off.

I have made a mobile game and I’m interested in a doing an avatar cross-promotion with Oopstacles, how can we make it happen?

Great! We are always on the lookout for mutually beneficial cross-promotions. Please email with your game’s details to discuss the opportunity!

I completed an offer on the offerwall but didn’t get my reward, what happened?

Sometimes the offerwall may take longer than expected to receive notification that the offer was completed. In this case, try waiting a moment, then opening and closing the offerwall to refresh its status – you should see the reward appear upon closure of the offerwall.

I did an Everyplay video recording with the face camera and the background music and sound effects are distorted, what’s going on?

Everyplay uses your microphone with the face camera. What you are hearing is echoing audio from your speaker going into the recording. When using Everyplay with the face camera, the overall volume is automatically lowered by the game. If your device’s speaker is still on a very loud volume, trying turning it down, so that it doesn’t echo into the recording.

Why does the sound go quiet when I play Scream Mode or start an Everyplay recording with the Face Camera?

The master volume is intentionally lowered during Scream Mode so that it doesn’t interfere with the microphone and make your avatar move.


During an Everyplay recording with the Face Camera, the volume is automatically lowered so that it doesn’t create echoing in the recording, due to the microphone picking up audio from the game.

Why doesn’t Scream Mode work? My avatar doesn’t move at all when I scream into the microphone.

Scream Mode requires access to the microphone, which requires your permission. If you previously denied this permission request popup from within the game, you will need to enable it manually. To enable it manually, you will need to open your device’s OS (operating system) settings. Navigate to the entry the application Oopstacles, then enable its permission to use the microphone.

I am hearing echoing and distortion in Scream Mode, what’s going on?

What you are hearing is echoing audio from your speaker going into the recording. On most mobile phones, the microphone and speaker are on separate sides of the device. However, on some tablets, they might be close to each other. Try lowering your speaker volume and adjusting the sensitivity slider.


For best results, it’s recommended to use headphones with Scream Mode.

How do I save my data to the cloud?

Simply log into the game using Game Center on iOS (with iCloud enabled), or Google Play Games on Android. You should be prompted to sign in automatically on startup. You can also log in via the Options menu.

What game data is saved to the cloud?

Your avatar unlocks and Challenge Mode progress is saved to the cloud. Note that coins and shields are not saved to the cloud and must be spent on the device on which they were earned.

Why won’t my save game data sync to the cloud?

In some cases, save game data is unable to sync immediately on startup. Play at least one game force a cloud sync to occur, i.e. play until the game over screen then press the replay button to return to main menu.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, where did my saved data go?

If you uninstall the game, your saved data will be deleted. After reinstalling, you need to log into social services to sync your savegame from the cloud. In addition, you can restore any avatar purchases from the app store as follows:


On iOS, use the Restore Purchases button in the Options menu.

On Android, sign into the Google Play store and relaunch the game – the restoration process will run automatically on startup.

I found a bug! Can you fix it?

Yes! We want to know about bugs so that we can fix them! We are a small developer so we don’t have the resources to find bugs on the thousands of different devices and configurations we support.


Please report any bugs using the in-game Feedback menu in the Options screen (cog icon). Be sure to include as much information as possible, such as your device type, operating system version, and the exact steps that lead to the bug occurring. This information gives us the best chance of reproducing it internally so that we can fix it!