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Company: Crystal Pug. Business: Game Developer. Game: Oopstacles. Location: Brisbane, Australia.
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Crystal Pug releases new mobile game Battle Bowls

Crystal Pug, maker of the hit game Oopstacles (over 1M downloads), has released a new spin on the classic sport of lawn bowls, featuring cross-platform multiplayer, voice chat, power-ups and single-player challenges


Crystal Pug presents their newest mobile game – Battle Bowls! Battle Bowls is an arcade spin on lawn bowls with power-ups. It has online multiplayer with voice chat, as well as offline single-player challenge modes.


With Battle Bowls, Crystal Pug has taken the classic sport of Lawn Bowls and molded it into a fast-paced arcade game. With a simplified rules system, layered with power-ups, upgradable bowls and a leveling system, the game is delightfully playable in short bursts.


“We wanted to bring the social and competitive aspects of lawn bowls to mobile, but with an arcade twist for a casual audience,” says designer, Matthew Ota. To this end, the game features online voice chat and leaderboards. Players can also customize their in-game appearance with various avatars and bowl skins.


A single-player offline mode also includes a bonus game type where the player must collect all coins placed on the rink within a limited number of throws. This mode utilizes the latest in Augmented Reality (AR), allowing the player to project the game into miniature form in their living room or backyard!


Future updates will include more challenge levels, bowls, badges, avatars, and a High Stakes mode where players can wager huge amounts of coins online in a “winner-takes-all” gambit!


“Collect avatars and upgrade your bowls to climb a ladder of opponents on your way to become a worldwide bowls champion!”


Game Name: Battle Bowls
One-Liner: Battle Bowls is a fresh spin on the classic sport of lawn bowls, featuring cross-platform multiplayer, voice chat, power-ups and single-player challenges!
Release Date: 21 Feb 2019 (iOS), 7 Mar 2019 (Android)
Platforms: App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Mi Store

Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

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Who is Crystal Pug ?

Crystal Pug is an independent games studio based in Brisbane, Australia. It was formed in 2016 by highly experienced professionals from the games industry. The team has decades of experience in digital entertainment including AAA games, VR simulations and computer-animated feature films at award winning companies such as Nintendo, Square Enix, THQ, SEGA, Konami and many more. Crystal Pug aims to bring the world games filled with joy!


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Game Design & Software Engineering: Matthew Ota
Art: Brenton Wright, Michael Thompson, Chris Concepcion
Audio: Zander Hulme
Animation: James Fearn-Wannan
Game Engine: Unity